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To carry out its projects with the greatest efficiency, Total Quadran has formed interdisciplinary teams to lead global operations in technical, financial, and environmental aspects relying on skills in the development, study, and piloting of projects, the installation and production of worksites, and production management.


Services Site Identification Design Development Permits Financing Construction Operations and Maintenance Dismantling and Repowering


Total Quadran develops construction projects for waste recovery units. An agreement is concluded between the landowner and Total Quadran. It lays out the overall structure of the project, each party’s obligations, fees, and the length of the lease in the case of the project’s success.

If the landowner is a municipality, the contract can take the form of a long-term administrative lease or an occupancy agreement, for a length of 15 years renewable for optimal operation of the transformation unit. Upon expiration of the lease, the transformation plant is handed over to the landowner or dismantled by Total Quadran.

Total Quadran carries out feasibility studies for the plant. They verify the quality of the biogas (methane content, available quantities, etc.) and technical feasibility (design of the generator, connection to the grid, biogas treatment, etc.).

Following that are the administrative processes and financing phases, carried out by Total Quadran’s teams of specialists.

Total Quadran is both project manager and project owner of the units that it builds, as well as managing the connection to Enedis' grid.




Characteristics of a technical waste management center treating 100,000 tons of waste/year

8 million electric kWh produced per year, the equivalent of the annual consumption of a town of 6,500 residents.
• 28,000 tons of oil equivalent saved during the contract period
• Up to 100,000 € of revenue annually


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