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A long history


• ... The origins: Quadran - Energies Libres

Quadran was created from the desire to provide widespread access to 4 sources of local and renewable energy: wind power, solar power, biomass energy and hydropower, derived from the 4 elements: air, fire, earth and water.

A major player of green energy production in France, Quadran was born of the merging of JMB Énergie1 and Aérowatt2 on July 2013.

After years of increase supported by the proactive policy of occidental States, renewable energies are now expanding quickly everywhere on the planet. The ecological awareness, the multiplication of nuclear accidents, the forecasted exhaustion of fossil resources, and a strongly growing demand of increasingly numerous populations, have led to the constitution of solid indutries and to the development of reliable and competitive renewable production means.

It is within this context that JMB Énergie and Aérowatt bonded to reach a critical size necessary to pursue their development. The merger of the 2 entities in 2013 allowed the group to rank among the Top 5 of independent energy national players.


• ... 2017: Quadran, Direct Energie group

Quadran has joined, since October 31, 2017, the Direct Energie group, 1st alternative in France in energy supply.

This merger is in keeping with the group's vertical integration strategy that allows it to have a diversified production mix, balanced and consistent with the objectives of the energy transition.

For 15 years, Direct Energie bases its success on its technical expertise, the excellence of its customer relation, its competitiveness and its ability to innovate. 

Direct Energie has become Total Direct Energie in Avril 2019.


• ... 2018: integration to the Total group

In September 2018, the Total group finalised the take-over bid for Direct Energie, in order to strengthen in the electric energy retail and low-carbon production.

A major actor in the energy, Total aims at becoming the major of responsible energy.


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1 Created in 2001 by Jean-Marc Bouchet, JMB Énergie forged its experience with the development and construction of the first wind power plants in the Aude region. The company then began working in the development of photovoltaic projects in 2007, hydroelectric plants in 2010, and the use of biogas and biomass in 2011, becoming one of the major green electricity producers in southern France.

2 A pioneer in the renewable energy market, Aérowatt has more than 45 years of experience in the field. Created in 1966, the company installed its first wind power plant in 1983 in the Aude region and its first wind turbines in France's overseas departments in 1992. Aérowatt followed by diversifying into the development of wind power and solar power plants in Metropolitan France and overseas. Even then it was the first wind power operator in overseas territories.


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Statement from the launch of Total Quadran
on September 1, 2019 :


Thierry Muller
CEO of Total Quadran

 « The integration of Quadran within Total opens new prospects and we will do everything in our power to make Total Quadran achieve the ambitious 
objectives set out by the Group. »




Statement from the acquisition of Quadran 
by Direct Energie 
on October 31, 2017 


Xavier Caïtucoli
at that time CEO of Direct Energie

 « The entire staff of Direct Energie is pleased to welcome the teams of Quadran. This acquisition reflects the agility and the ability of the Group to lead ambitious growth projects. Direct Energie, that will, in the coming years, continuously and sustainably invest in key assets of the energy transition, therefore confirms its position as the 1st alternative, but most importantly as the Energy Player of the 21st century. »




Statements from the general assembly of the merger on  June 30, 2013


Jean-Marc Bouchet
at that time President of Quadran

« It is a matter of great pride to create a new and important player in the renewable energy industry. To serve its ambitions for the energy transition and to respect its obligations, France needs to rely on intermediate sized companies who are independent, have the means to successfully carry out ambitious projects, and who are free to choose their own investment strategies.»


Jérôme Billerey
at that time CEO of Quadran

 « Today, we have grown to a significant size and we have a network of expertise in four complementary energies. This position will allow us to accelerate our development. »