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To carry out its projects with the greatest efficiency, Total Quadran has formed interdisciplinary teams to lead global operations in technical, financial, and environmental aspects relying on skills in the development, study, and piloting of projects, the installation and production of worksites, and production management.


Services Site Identification Design Development Permits Financing Construction Operations and Maintenance Dismantling and Repowering


Total Quadran develops hydroelectricity power plant construction projects.
The first step is for Total Quadran to identify sites that may be favorable for the installation of a hydroelectricity power plant and to carry out feasibility studies. These studies allow for the verification of technical feasibility (removal of easements and local environmental constraints, the hydraulic potential, possible connections to the grid, accessibility, etc.), the environmental pertinence of the project (integration into the landscape, water protection laws, protection of flora and fauna, minimizing the impact on river wildlife, etc.).

Following that are the administrative processes and financing phases, managed by Total Quadran’s teams of specialists.

Total Quadran is both project manager and project owner of the plants that it builds, as well as managing the connection to Enedis' grid.





Total Quadran looks to acquire existing hydroelectric plants in the aim of operating them under the best conditions possible.

Total Quadran researches and verifies all administrative authorizations, the productivity of the hydroelectric power plant, as well as the state of the installation so as to identify the nature of the necessary investments.

Total Quadran guarantees the utmost discretion during the transaction as well as fast decision making and a large financial capacity for this type of acquisition.

Total Quadran is available to discuss all cessions of hydroelectric power plants whose installed capacity is between 300 kW and 4,500 kW.



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