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eolienne Morne-CarriereThe energy transition requires us to change our habits: to adapt energy consumption to production (and no longer only the contrary), to integrate communications technologies, to develop smaller grids (production close to the consumer), and to create viable business models in an open market.

Total Quadran works in several subjects:

Overseas renewable energy
Total Quadran has conducted several research programs for production forecasting and energy storage, two technologies which are invaluable to the continued development of wind and solar energy in non-interconnected zones as well as to overcome the 30% limit (legally, intermittent sources of power must not exceed 30% of energy consumption).

Electric vehicles
Electrical vehicles, a fundamental element of tomorrow’s clean transportation, are also a way of storing electricity, coupled with the grid, whose flexibility will be very useful. Total Quadran worked on an initial project for a solar recharging electric vehicle with 100% independence, to better master the strengths and constraints of this sector.

Total Quadran creates solar power installations that optimize the selfconsumption portion, economize energy, and make use of its flexibility. The first projects received regional aid.

Biomasse cogeneration

In Metropolitan France, Guadeloupe, and Réunion Island, Total Quadran is studying projects that will allow local biomass resources, which are currently scarcely used, to be recovered: agricultural waste, sugar cane fiber, or wood waste. Total Quadran carried out a research program that ensured the feasibility of electricity production from sugarcane fiber cultures in Guadeloupe.

Participative projects, local initiatives

Total Quadran carries out projects that ally local residents, municipalities, and private partners thanks to legal tools that allow them to actively participate with various levels of risk.

Total Quadran has numerous years of experience in collaborative projects. We can pilot new and innovative projects with industrial partners, municipalities, engineering and design firms, universities, or research organizations.


A few examples of our innovative projects


EnR'Stock® - Storage and Forecasting
2011-2014 – Financing: BPI, Feder, Centre Region, Loiret Departement, Conurbation Authority of Orléans – Partners : Artelia, Mécamidi, Saft, INP Grenoble, Université de La Réunion, EDF SEI
The EnR'Stock® project's goal is to determine the optimal conditions for the creation of a storage installation in the overseas departments, to facilitate the insertion of wind or solar power production into the grid. It uses a mixed technology of PSH (pumped storage hydroelectricity) and a lithium-ion battery. In Grenoble, a pilot demonstration is testing storage piloting strategies and defining an optimum.

Petite Place - Stored wind power
Guadeloupe, commissioning in 2015
This project consists in replacing a wind power plant at the end-of-life with a wind power plant with storage in Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe. The storage responds to the 2013 wind power bidbook for cyclone zones. Turbine capacity 2.5 MW. Storage capacity 0.45 MWh. The plant contributes efficiently to the island’s electricity grid.

Désirade - Electric vehicles
Guadeloupe, commissioning in 2015 – Financing: Ademe, Guadeloupe region, Feder – Partners: Villeneuve Location
This project consists in experimenting with the rental of electric vehicles that are recharged by the sun, independently of the electricity grid in Désirade, Guadeloupe. PV generator of 14 kWp. Dedicated fleet of 6 electric vehicles.

Comwatt - Self-consumption
Numerous installations use the "Indepbox" from Comwatt to manage their energy consumption and maximize their own solar power production. The box automatically selects the best operation configuration.

Rebecca phase 2 - Sugarcane fiber, local biomass
2013-2015 – Financing: Feder – Partners: CIRAD, INRA
The Rebecca project aims to create a cane energy industry in Guadeloupe and to develop biomass cogeneration units that use local resources. It is comprised of a variable selection component (CIRAD, a French public research institution), an agricultural component (INRA, French national institute of agricultural research), and an industrial component (Quadran). The project will eventually result in the creation of a 5 to 15 MW electric biomass power plant.

•  Mont du Pilat wind power plant - Participative wind power
Loire, project in development
This project is a 30 MW wind turbine farm. The project’s organization is innovative: to carry it out, Quadran created a SAS (French LLC) bringing together 120 shareholder residents of the communities involved, 2 investment clubs, 5 associations, and a SEM (société d’économie mixte, anonymous company held by one or more public powers).

•  La Valasse Ecopole - Public/Private Partnership
Hérault, project in development – Partners : SICTOM Pézenas-Agde, Departmental council of Hérault
This project consists in creating a 10,000 ton/year anaerobic digestion unit for household waste within the framework of a public/private partnership, the SEMPER. The project uses an innovative procedure for the collection and recycling of waste.

•  Retirement home of Creissan - Solar power in self-consumption
Hérault, commissioning in 2017 – Financing: Languedoc-Roussillon region
The project is a solar power installation of 45 kWp on the roof of a retirement home with a capacity of 60 beds, that consumes 30 kW in average. Thanks to a consumption that is regular all year round and more important during the day, the self-consumption rate is 100% and the self-production rate is 26%.


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INNOVATION, a necessity in a changing industry

The electricity sector is undergoing profound changes linked to multiple factors (renewable energy development, the liberalization of markets, environmental problems, the economic crisis, etc.).

•  To create sustainability, we must invent and experiment with new technologies and know-how.


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