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P1010768 PTHumans have always used the power of the wind to produce or transform matter or to navigate. This free, available energy is now, more than ever, recognized as essential. In an international context marked by the inevitable dwindling of our fossil and fissile fuel resources and by the increase of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, wind power is part of the security and diversification of our energy supply.        
The second largest wind potential in Europe, France has set ambitious goals for its wind power market that will come to represent a significant part of the goal of 23% of French electricity production, including:

      • 26 GW in 2023 

Total Quadran is a historic operator for the installation of wind power plants both in Metropolitan France and overseas.

The number one wind power operator over-seas, Total Quadran is a world leader in the operation of wind farms in zones with challenging meteorological constraints or complex landscapes.

Total Quadran has developed energy forecasting, production, storage, and management tools with its partners.

Total Quadran is the first French company to repower wind power plants.

Our wind turbines are supplied by builders who are chosen from among the world’s leaders (Enercon, Vestas, Nordex, Senvion, Vergnet, and others) and selected for their performance and reliability.



Points of Reference

A pioneer in the field of renewable energy, Total Quadran now has more than 30 years of experience thanks to the development and construction of its first wind power parks.

At the end of March 2020, Total Quadran operates 63 wind farms totaling524 MW, 8 of which on behalf of third parties. Furthermore, Total Quadran has a portfolio of wind power projects being studied or in development representing nearly 2,000 MW.

Our wind power plants

The advantages of wind power

• The wind is an abundant and inexhaustible energy source.
• Wind power production does not emit greenhouse gases nor does it produce any waste or pollution.
• The installation of a locally created wind power project has positive fiscal and environmental returns.
• The installation of a wind power plant is completely reversible. If necessary, at the end of operation, the site can be reverted to its previous state.
• Wind power is part of the security of our energy supply and allows us to reduce traditional energy needs.

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